Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Being a Scholarship Grantee :)

It has been a long time since I last wrote a blog entry. I feel kinda bad for not being committed to my blog but that's alright. Anyways.. Here is my new entry.

When I heard the news that I passed for Tung Scholarship this year(Scholarship program in my mom's company)  I could not believe it at first. I had to read my mother’s text message again and again until it finally dawned on me that I made it. I got rejected once but that did not stop from trying again this year in the hope that I will be able to help my parents financially.  Being a scholarship grantee made me realize that I am capable of being  a good citizen of my country while being a good and active student at the same time, for this scholarship does not only focus on academic aspects but also values the importance of being a responsible and effective member of the society.  This accomplishment proved to me that there is no limit to what I can do if I put my heart and mind into it. I am determined to use this achievement as an inspiration to work even harder  for my future and family. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ineffable Experience

 Whoah. I can't believe that I skipped writing in my blog for almost 3 months now.  I guess it's time for me to  express myself again but I won't be writing anymore the things that happened  to me in the last three months that I wasn't able to update my blog, those things are in the past for  a reason. :)

Now, Let's talk about the good and wonderful things that happened to me lately. Hmm.. Hey !I'm an adult already. I turned 18 last June 30. It was an ineffable experience, All I ever wanted was a simple celebration so I invited only those who are really close to me. I was really disappointed when I found out that more than half of them can't make it. I'm not going to lie, I did cry but all those sad tears turned into wonderful tears of joy when I found out that they,together with my parents,organized a surprise birthday celebration for me. Then the next day all we did was skate,laugh and have fun. 

Friday, April 19, 2013


This is our first sweet picture together :) Bianca and I  have been friends for  years now.   She's  my other half, She understands  me more than anyone else does and I love her for that. 
With Tristan, Christine and Bianca :)

Tristan and I :)

It's funny how we look so busy.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Different Personas ...

I can be cold.reserved.snob.bitchy.friendly.goofy.weird.random.nerdy. It all depends on the situation. I like to think that I'm open minded enough to just go with the flow and disciplined enough to know when to say NO. Hmm.. I'm pretty much myself. Haha. All I know is that I love my family, my friends and my dog Sookie. 

I was Never Alone

Jamie and I have been friends since freshman year in high school. He was my first grown up crush,  my prom date, my confidant. Whenever I feel depressed he would talk and listen to me.  It took me years before realizing that I am In love with him , We tried to make it work by dating for several months but he never felt the same way, for him we're better off as friends. It might have caused a bit of heartache but at the end of the day  he will always be a friend and a brother to me.

I became her case study when Jamie told me that maybe I needed help with my depression and he knows someone who can help me for free. Chantal is one of the most compassionate and loving friend I have ever met. She made a big impact in my life, she taught me  how ignore the bad things and  focus on the positive aspects of my life.

My  favorite people in the world. Bianca, Christine, Diana and Manna. Without them I  don't think I would have been able  to overcome my depression. They are my COMFORT ZONE.  The three of us have the best level of  imagination anyone could ever have, We  laugh at so many random things and how we connect them with our everyday lives. From the stranger walking across the street to our own facial expressions,actions and words. If it's time to be serious and talk about life : We will talk about life like we're some God Damn Philosophers. We Understand and Support each other like sisters. I love them with all my heart .

These girls made me realize that my place in college is not so bad.  With them each day gets better . Though we might have some ups and downs it's what keeps us together at the end of the day. Acceptance,love and laughter that's what makes our group special.

Let me start with the beginning..

         It was my best friend’s idea for me to make a blog she said It would help me express myself in so many ways that yet I’m about to discover. This is my second attempt to make a blog, my first one no longer exist for  anger, pain, bitterness and sadness resides on that pathetic blog. I was going through a tough time before and I thought I was walking along that path ALONE.  It was the time where my razor blade was useful and my Pills were calling me.  Clinical Depression/Anxiety was eating me alive and keeping me from enjoying life.. BUT all of that is in the past now. I've moved on and I’m pretty much stronger than I was months ago.

      I’m seventeen , I was born on the 30th of June 1995. I love reading books, Eating, Sleeping, Watching TV shows (that I consider worth my time) , talking to myself in the mirror, Dancing , Acting and spending some time with my crazy but amazing friends. I’m  open and approachable but I can be a little bit cold and reserved to  people who I don’t really feel like opening up to. I think I’m nice enough to smile at random strangers , sensitive enough to know when to crack a joke or keep my mouth shut , empathic enough to listen to other people's  problem and give them meaningful advices when they ask for one.

        My blog will be simple and real. I’m not really  trendy and fashionable so the last thing you’re going to see in my blog is me wearing cute outfits ( though I’d love to have some on my wardrobe) not a photographer and I don’t travel much (at least not yet) so no cool, vintage like or awesome photos as well.  Though I promise that different photos of my  face will be enough to fill your head with beautiful thoughts and make the butterflies in your stomach flutter their wings…. Kidding.